10 Unanswered Questions from ‘Breaking Bad’

Now that we’ve had a little time to process the ending of “Breaking Bad,” we can really begin to comprehend how fantastic this show really was and how perfectly it wrapped up. Every major storyline found closure and came to a nicely packaged ending. There’s hard to find anything to really complain about, but there are a handful of questions that were left unanswered. As a voice of the fans of the show, we need answers. Obviously this is loaded with *SPOILERS* but if you clicked on an article about the ending of “Breaking Bad,” and you haven’t watched the ending of “Breaking Bad” you’re sort of an idiot.

10. Is Huell Still Sitting in That Room?
The last we saw of our old pal Huell, Hank and Gomez had tricked him into giving up all the information he knew on Walt and told him to stay put in that room until they gave him further instructions. We never hear of or see Huell again. For all we know he’s still sitting in that chair waiting to hear back from Hank to let him know it’s safe to leave. We know Saul didn’t contact him, because he left the state to start a new life. Maybe in ten years or so someone will walk into the house and find a skeleton sitting in a recliner, who died patiently waiting to know when the coast was clear. RIP future Huell.

9. What Happened to the A1 Car Wash?
Obviously Skyler and Walt are no longer running the car wash, which means Walt Jr. did all of that training for nothing. That in itself is a tragedy. More than that, however, is what happened to the car wash? Did Bogdan take it back over by using his eyebrows as collateral? What about all the people who purchased A1 gift certificates or that had accumulated 10 punches on their loyalty punch card? I would hate to see all of that money go to waste, especially in this economy. I just pray that Bogdan, or whoever took over the car wash, did the right thing.

8. Where did Walt Jr. Get Those Camo Pants?
In the final episode, Walt returned to have a proper goodbye with Skyler before he left to murder a bunch of Nazis. His son, Walt Jr., who was quite adamant on never forgiving his father, obviously wasn’t there. When he got home from school, Walt watched across the street as his son walked into his house. The obvious question from this whole scene was definitely where did Walt Jr. get those camouflage pants? Is this his style now? Is he really into Master P or is this more of a “Duck Dynasty” phase? I need to know where and why he bought these pants. What’s this new style, Flynn?

7. Why Didn’t Badger and Skinny Pete Get to Keep Those Laser Pointers?
After posing as stealth assassins, Badger and Skinny Pete get paid handsomely by Walt for their services. Before Walt leaves, however, he demands the laser pointers back. Why on earth does he need them? He’s getting ready to go meet his certain demise so it’s not like he has any use for them and it seems like something our favorite drug addicts would thoroughly enjoy. I’m just going to assume that after Walt left, he went to a showing of Lee Daniel’s “The Butler” and spent the entire film shining both laser pointers onto Oprah’s forehead for one last moment of joy in his life. You’ve redeemed yourself, Walter White.

6. Where Did the Nazis Hide All That Money?
After Walt plowed down the Nazis with his trunk gun, Jack tries to bargain for his life by telling Walt he’ll never see the millions they took from him if he dies. Of course Walt doesn’t care and shoots Jack in the face. The question is, what happened to all that money? Wouldn’t it have been so much cooler if, instead of Walt having Grey Matter donate money to his son, Walt found the money and left a treasure map for Walt Jr. to track down the money. Imagine “The Goonies,” but with Flynn! Forget a Saul Goodman spinoff, I want “National Treasure” starring the artist formerly known as Walt Jr.

5. Is Walt Really Dead?
Are we 100% sure Walt is dead? I mean I know we saw him get shot and collapse on the ground as the police entered the lab, but did you ever see “Kill Bill?” She gets shot in the head and eventually comes out of her coma. I know it’s insanely unlikely, but what if the bullet blew off the part of his lung that had cancer in it and now he’ll be fine? It wouldn’t be any more ridiculous than some of the things M. Night Shyamalan has ever done.

4. What did Walt Jr. buy with his fortune?
Speaking of little Walt, the last we see of him is a poor teen with a fugitive father walking into his rundown apartment. We know he’s about to inherit a giant fortune, but what is he going to do with it? I would love a follow up episode that’s nothing but Walt Jr. sitting in a Denny’s as a seemingly never-ending line of waitresses walk up to his booth with a Moons Over My Hammy in each hand. Maybe after that, he could recreate “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” across Albuquerque. Honestly, I just want a scene of Flynn making it rain. Is that too much to ask?

3. Does Skyler’s Indoor Smoking Kill Her Family?
One of the most irresponsible things you can do, especially if you have a baby or young child, is smoke indoors. Through the series we see Skyler smoking indoors numerous times, but in the final season she’s got more smoke coming out of her than the island on “Lost.” Who knows what health problems this has caused for Walt Jr. and Holly. Does Holly develop asthma at a young age? Does Skyler lose the deposit on the apartment for smoking indoors? No way you’re going to get the smell of smoke out of that place for months. As a fan, I deserve to know the condition of Holly’s lungs.

2. What Stripper Name Does Holly Choose When She Grows Up?
If you’re looking for daddy issues, look no further than Holly White. Her dad was absent for most of her childhood and the only time he spent any one-on-one time with her was during an Amber Alert. If this isn’t the definitive formula for a future stripper, I’m not sure what is. Oh, did I mention that her family is also about to inherit millions of dollars so she won’t have responsibilities and will have unlimited funds? Hello, future coke problem. I have no choice but to assume the worst until Vince Gilligan tells us otherwise.

1. Who is Louis?
This is the biggest question of all. Through every season Walt Jr. ranted and raved about his best buddy Louis, and yet we never got a single shot of him. Even in the last conversation Walt has with his son, he asks about Louis and gets his address to send them money, but we don’t even know who Louis is. What if Louis was working with Lydia to get information on Walt? What if Louis didn’t even exist and Walt Jr. had created him as sort of a Dark Passenger ala “Dexter?” We can only hope for a deleted scene where Walt Jr. and Louis are cruising the Albuquerque strip picking up ladies and listening to Rick Springfield. It’s what keeps me going every day.