The 10 Funniest Episodes Of ‘Futurama’

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As discussed in the past, the Matt Groening series Futurama is one that not only tickles your funny bone, but can also occasionally play your heartstrings like a fiddle. Being that Futurama is coming to an end this Wednesday, September 4th on Comedy Central, we figured it was time to pick the ten episodes of the series that made us laugh the most. It wasn’t easy, and there is sure to be some disagreement, but fans would hopefully agree that these were some of the series’ best in terms of comedy gold. And for those who have never seen the show, these episodes would be a good place to start. Click ahead for the top ten funniest episodes of Futurama.

Editor’s note: This feature is in honor of the Futurama series finale, airing Sept. 4 at 10/9c. Coverage blasts off with Futurama Live! — a pre and post-show live-stream chat with creator Matt Groening and executive producer David X. Cohen at 9:30 EST/6:30 PST, and following the finale at 10:30 EST/7:30 PST. It will stream on Comedy Central’s Futurama page.

The Funniest Episodes Of Futurama

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