“I Beat Mike Tyson”: The Story of Boxer Kevin McBride

I BEAT MIKE TYSON – (FULL FILM) from Joshua Z Weinstein on Vimeo.

In 2005, unknown Irish heavyweight Kevin McBride knocked out Mike Tyson to stun the world. After that, he pretty much disappeared.

This illuminating look at the personal side of boxing tells the story of what’s been going on with McBride since the Tyson bout. You’ll see his wife and kids fretting over his career choices and the health problems that come from a life in the ring. There’s also a couple of potential comeback fights included in the clip that director Joshua Z. Weinstein covers from the bowels of the arena. It’s a unique perspective on a life that very few people can comprehend, one McBride sums up perfeclty himself: “It’s just one of these things in boxing. One punch can change the chapter of anybody’s story. And my story is that I beat Mike Tyson.”