Top 10 ‘Futurama’ Episodes That Will Make You Laugh and Cry

Photo: 20th Century Fox

While Futurama is, for all intents and purposes, an animated COMEDY (and one of the best out there), those who follow the series know just what an emotional wallop it can pack, as well. The characters in this sci-fi series, an intergalactic delivery crew known as the Planet Express, may go on wacky, outer space adventures, but their relationships with each other are what keep the show grounded and relatable to the average viewer. In particular, the most touching moments usually involve Fry, a cryogenically frozen pizza delivery boy who is thawed out in the year 3000, and his (initially) unrequited love for one-eyed space captain, Leela. The tender moments in this series are made more special by the fact that they usually catch you off guard by providing plenty of belly laughs beforehand, setting the series apart from even creator Matt Groening’s other great animated series The Simpsons, which never quite succeeds as well at tugging at your heartstrings the way Futurama does. The following list details the 10 endings that left us with more than tears of laughter. So if you prefer to not have them spoiled, trust us and just watch the episodes first.

Futurama Episodes That Make You Laugh And Cry

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