Red, White & Brewed | The End Of Summer Shandy

The best way to battle the ongoing heat of a rain-less summer is by somehow quenching your thirst. But, what should you imbibe? The thought of taking long, slow gulps from a frosty beer seems pretty damn appealing. But, the old summer staple of lemonade is also a sure-fire way to beat the end-of-summer heat. If only there was a way to enjoy both beverages at once. Fear not, there is, and it’s called a shandy.

What is a Shandy?

There are many shandies on the market, but not all are worth your time. Some are too sweet and lack any beer flavor. In this case, you might as well just drink an Arnold Palmer. These are a few that are perfect summer thirst quenchers.

Our 7 Favorite Shandies:

Schöfferhofer Grapefruit

sh-family-welcome-CRThis grapefruit shandy is only 2.5% ABV so you should have no problem slinging back a few of these bad boys on a hot, summer day. The combination of hefeweizen and grapefruit juice is perfectly sweet and tart without completely losing the beer component.


Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

Summer-Shandy_0-CRThis 4.2% ABV shandy is subtle enough that you won’t feel like your beer is being overpowered by sweet, lemon flavor. Plus, if you enjoy this shandy, Leinenkugel has a whole line of fruit-flavored shandies including: grapefruit, ginger and watermelon.


Sixpoint Rad

rad_side-CRThis radler is only 3.2% ABV so you can spend a whole afternoon drinking this combination of beer and citrus-centered fruit juices. This beer was created to pay tribute to those who enjoy beer and cycling, but want their thirst quenched without taking in a large amount of alcohol. It’s probably best to keep your bike in your garage, though if you plan on drinking a few of these.


Narragansett Brewing Presents Del’s Shandy

Facebook-4-22-15---CRIf Del’s Shandy had a mouth, it would scream summer. This is more than just an average shandy. It’s a collaboration between the famed Rhode Island brewery and an equally famous local frozen lemonade stand. What’s more perfect for summer than a classic lemonade stand pairing with a beer company to make a refreshing treat? Plus, it also comes in a black cherry version.


Harpoon UFO Big Squeeze

UFO-Big-Squeeze-Modal-CRThis 4.5% grapefruit shandy has been brewed since 2014. This was when Boston’s Harpoon realized that it was time to get in on the summer shandy bandwagon. With hits like UFO and UFO White, they set their sights on pairing their unfiltered wheat beer with fruit and grapefruit was the obvious choice. This hazy in appearance, citrus-forward brew is refreshing and satisfying on an equally hazy summer day.


Widmer Brothers Hefe Shandy

wbb-hefe_shandy-website2-CRThis shandy version of Widmer Brothers’ Hefe is full of flavor. At only 4.2% ABV, this should be a beer that you can crack open all afternoon long without fear of stumbling and bumbling while you attempt to play corn hole, washers or any number of other fantastic yard games (except original lawn darts).


Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler

ginger_lemon_radler_12oz_can-CRIn recent years, Kansas City’s Boulevard has become a big name in the craft beer world. Their Radler is worthy of the Boulevard name. This 4.1% ABV radler is unique and thirst quenching. The combination of beer, tart lemon and spicy ginger will make you want to come back again and again all summer long.