Video Exclusive | Castro Is A Family Affair

A wise Bee-Gee or a Jackson or maybe it was a Jonas once said that the family that sings together, stays together. Regardless of who said it, it’s clear that Castro have taken up the mantra. The Dallas “free-range” pop/folk/blues/rock trio featuring siblings: Jason, Jackie and Michael Castro have all had success as solo artists, both Jason and Michael were fan favorites on different seasons of American Idol, but their “star power” shines brighter as a threesome. 

To celebrate #musicmonday, Crave is premiering the acoustic music video of Castro’s latest single, “Rock and Roll.” Filmed recently at the historic Acme Feed & Seed building on Broadway in downtown Nashville, the intimate black and white video shows Castro’s gorgeous three-part harmonies as they seamlessly trade-off the powerhouse lead vocals as if they’re passing the salt at a family dinner.

Listen up for Castro’s debut EP “Diamond Dreams” coming out on September 2nd on Fervent Records, but for now you can stream their first two singles on Spotify.