‘The Divergent Series’ May Become a TV Series

Earlier this year, the third Divergent movie, The Divergent Series: Allegiant turned out to be a box office disappointment, with only $66 million domestically. After $150 million for the first film, and $130 million for the second film, that’s quite a step down! Now, Lionsgate potentially has a plan to save the franchise, but fans may not like what the studio has in mind.

Variety is reporting that Lionsgate wants to wrap up the Allegiant storyline with a TV movie, and then spinoff the Divergent franchise as a television series with new characters. This comes after reports that the fourth Divergent movie was facing a significantly reduced budget. A TV movie would almost certainly have a lower budget than the previously planned theatrical film.

Now here’s the part that could piss people off. There are reportedly no deals in place to bring Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, and other cast members back for the finale. Potentially, they could sign new deals, but they could just as easily walk away from the franchise. Maybe it will come down to money, or perhaps they will feel attached enough to their characters that they will see it through to the end.

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There is no network currently attached, and Variety’s report indicates that this plan is still in the very early stages. If the studio really wants this to work, Netflix would be an ideal home for the sequel movie, which could have a budget closer to a theatrical release. And since Netflix is still aggressively adding original programming, picking up an established YA franchise as a movie and a series could still bring in an audience without the pressure of box office returns.  

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Photo Credit: Lionsgate