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It’s one of the most talked about movies in years, and not necessarily for the right reasons. Paul Feig’s ambitious reboot of Ghostbusters features a cast of female heroes, instead of the usual male ones, in a film that remakes one of the most beloved motion pictures ever produced. The expectations have been high and low, depending on who you’re talking to, but now the film is actually out, and we get to judge this new Ghostbusters on how good it actually is, not on whether or not we thought it was a good idea in principle.

You can read our illustrious film critic William Bibbiani’s full review of the Ghostbusters reboot, but we also acknowledge that you may not have the time. And that’s okay, because that’s what Rapid Reviews is here for! We’ve got everything you need to know about how good Ghostbusters actually is in just sixty seconds of video, for the film fan on the go!

Find out what we thought of the most talked about movie of the summer, and come back every Friday for more fast-talking episode of Rapid Reviews, right here at CraveOnline!

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