Most Craved | ‘Game of Thrones’ and The Return of Darth Vader

It’s a week that has had everybody buzzing: Game of Thrones pulled out all the stops for the show’s most incredible episode ever, and one of the greatest villains in movie history is finally coming back to the big screen! Darth Vader, ladies and gentlemen!

And of course, Most Craved is there to dissect it all for you. Why is everyone raving about this season of Game of Thrones, and is the show only getting better because it’s finally wrapping itself up? Is the return of Darth Vader a cause for celebration, or a time to reflect on why everybody seems to love a character who is, essentially, a child-murdering fascist? 

Join your hosts William Bibbiani and Jenna Busch for this week’s Most Craved for all of this and more! Follow us at @MostCraved@WilliamBibbiani, and @JennaBusch, and come back next Thursday for more of the pop culture you crave!

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