About Mandatory

Women, funny stuff, viral videos, must-read features, and a whole lot of awesome.

  • Cory Jones

    Lead Editor, Santa Monica, CA
    Cory has spent over 11 years in the digital world. He's launched HolyTaco.com, run Maxim.com and has now launched Mandatory.com. He's also spent more time than he wishes to admit scouring the Internet for little gems and news to bring to you.
  • Paul Ulane

    Lead Editor, New York, NY
    Before landing at Mandatory.com, Paul honed his skills at a variety of web sites ranging from Maxim.com to SI.com. In that time, he's done everything from review DVDs to interview LeBron James. His current passions include YouTube and Twitter.
  • Gary Dudak

    Editor, Santa Monica, CA
    Gary is a fan of rock and roll, Chicago sports teams (not named the Cubs), and love. He once tried to keep Willie Nelson's son from joining his father onstage for a song when he was inexplicably working as a security guard. Despite all of his shortcomings, he somehow manages to live on the beach in Southern California with a gorgeous woman who he is now lucky enough to call his wife.
  • Max Miller

    Editor, Santa Monica, CA
    Max is a graduate of UC Berkeley and has an entertainment industry background. He has been writing professionally for a number of years and not-so- professionally for many, many years before that. He prides himself on being a pop culture junkie and brings that addiction with him to the team at Mandatory.